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TRIUMPHANT! The Super Heroic Role Playing Game

Superheroic role playing action at its best. Triumphant! has straightforward character generation by dice allocation or determined randomly, if you prefer. Most of the powers you'd expect to see in a super heroic rpg - plus, it's simple to add more, if needed. Powers used to both attack and defend - zap down that power blast with your laser-eyes!

Rules for hazards and disasters, vehicles, minions and more. A sample setting - Sovereign City with adventures ideas to get your own campaign under way in minutes.

Triumphant! is now available from RPGNow in pdf and from LULU.COM in print-on-demand. There are both b&w and full colour options available for the print version. Pick the one that suits your style or your budget. 

Character Sheet

New Rules & Clarifications

TRIUMPHANT! goes Spanish!

After a successful crowdfunding campaign in which the target was doubled, Ediciones Epicismo has now published a Spanish translation of this great superheroic rpg. Because the stretch goals were achieved, the book is even bigger than the English (Beyond Belief Games) edition, with extra adventures , new art in full colour and extra material adding up to about 180 pages.