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B7 RPG (Blake's 7 Role Playing Game)

Back at the end of 2006, David Sharrock (of Forever People Digital Press) contacted me because he'd seen a pdf of a tongue-in-cheek Blake's 7 rpg I had for download on my website at that time. He had a contact with B7 Media (who owned the Blake's 7 licence) and thought they might be interested in a rpg and would I like to go into it with him. I jumped at the chance and started writing almost immediately.

Several months later, after much exchanging of emails and several telephone conversations and so on, we had a meeting with B7 Media. They had a draft copy of the rpg and seemed to like our ideas for expanding the system.

However, after the initial excitement everything went quiet. We were aware that there were issues over the licence (for example some of the iconic images were not covered under the licence) but we thought we could get round this. However, it turns out there were internal differences in the company too and one of the main exponents of the rpg left shortly after the meeting. Our little game got lost in the reshuffle.

I have decided to put up the work I did on the rpg as a free download. Whilst it is certainly playable as it stands (my group has played a few sessions), it hasn't been thoroughly playtested and is by no means complete. However, it might be of some interest to anyone wanting to see the early stage of what might have turned out to be a good game to play in the Blake's 7 universe.

I am aware that there is already a fan-produced unofficial Blake's 7 rpg out there (I have a copy myself) but this takes a different approach to the rules. However, our B7 RPG was to be the official version and it is a shame it will not be.

B7RPG Draft - unplaytested, unedited and incomplete

B7RPG Cover

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