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Crimson Blades 2: The Dark Fantasy RPG

With a familiar yet different set of rules, Crimson Blades gives you fantastic old school-style dark fantasy/sword & sorcery role-playing. You can be a brooding sorcerer with a demon blade, a savage barbarian with an equally savage panther companion, a grim tomb-robber seeking the riches of a long-dead empire or even a Dendrelyssi - one of the last members of a decadent race of necromancers looking for redemption in the lands they once ruled. 

Included in the game are seven human character classes: Barbarian, Fighter, Griot, Mountebank, Sorcerer, Thief and Wayfarer plus the inhuman Dendrelyssi. There are also four NPC classes: Fleshcrafter, Merchant, Royal Redeemer and Witch. The book includes the traditional rules for spell-casting as well as rules for summoning and binding demons, elementals and undead. 

Included in the book is a brief setting "The Crimson Lands" for you to use as the basis for your own campaign.

GREAT NEWS! There's now a D20 Edition of Crimson Blades - it comes free with the standard edition of Crimson Blades 2 from RPGNow and can be purchased in hard or softcover from LULU.

Crimson Blades Character Sheet

Available now in PDF from RPGNow

Available in print from LULU

Chris Harper's wonderful map of The Crimson Lands: