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Beyond Belief Games (BBG) is a small press publisher of many fine role playing games, using mostly PDF and Print-on-Demand services, via RPGNow and LULU (links to the left).


Best known for its flagship sword & sorcery role playing game, Barbarians of Lemuria,  BBG produces a wide range of other role playing games, such as:

Triumphant! Super Heroic Role Playing - straightforward rules for supers role play

Return of the Woodland Warriors - Animal adventures in the style of Redwall

Crimson Blades 2  - Dark Fantasy RPG - An old school-style role playing game set in the Crimson Lands - now also available in a D20 edition!      

Black Books: Tomes of the Outer Dark  - OSR horror role-playing in the Cthulhu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft

Sabres & Witchery - Historical monster hunters in the styles of Solomon Kane